The Parkway Divides Digital Art Experience

During the final stages of mixing and mastering Parkway Divides, I decided I wanted to do something different for the post-release life of the album. Parkway Divides is a concept record that deals with themes like duality, yin and yang, light and dark, love and hate – many of which are contradictions that, in a way, describe aspects of the human experience. Rather than have the concept end with the release of the album, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to continue to create pieces of art that represent different avenues of the thematic spectrum presented in Parkway Divides, whether that be photography, painting, poetry, prose, videos, and so on. 

If you picked up a physical copy of Parkway Divides, you may have noticed a website URL on the back of the album jacket and in the liner notes: This website serves as the location for the world created by the album: a digital world presented as if you were looking through a kaleidoscope. This digital art experience will be constantly evolving throughout the album cycle, and hopefully beyond.

You can explore the original photography, videos, and music by visiting 


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