Harry Metzler is ILL-ADVISED

Fender wins again. Like Beck, Zappa, Clapton, and Hendrix, it was a Strat that fueled Harry Metzler’s drive for rock n’ roll. He was only three years old, but he had found his true love  —  a double cutaway in turquoise. 

Harry’s music education began early as his mother nourished his dream. A gifted coloratura soprano, she knows that a musician is not something one chooses to be; rather, it is something that one is. Anchored by the unlikely combination of his mother’s opera and his elementary school’s 1940’s big band music curriculum, Harry learned to play strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments while still a child. He filtered this foundation through his love of rock music, fronting several bands during his teenage years. While embracing the challenges of making music with friends, Harry honed his craft and became a uniquely versatile musician.

Inspired by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, Todd Rundgren, and Prince, Harry took the reins of his destiny. As a solo musician, he became the band: Ill-Advised. While attending college on a music scholarship at William Paterson University, he began work on what would ultimately become his debut album, Parkway Divides.  “I could never find people who liked the same music I did or were as serious as I was,” Harry says. “I had been in bands where someone wouldn’t show up to a rehearsal or to a show, so I’d end up filling in on their instrument in addition to singing. I figured it wouldn’t be that much of a difference if I just wrote and recorded everything myself, since I had pretty much already been doing that for years.”

In true punk rock D-I-Y style, Harry built a studio in his basement with the help of a few friends and set off to work on the album himself, “I produced and engineered the entire album myself and wrote, sang, and played every instrument.

As an album artist it’s challenging to pick just a few songs to tell your story. Here is a selection of tracks ranging from driving alternative rock to pulsing industrial pop.


  • “I really dig the sincere heartfelt nature of your music because it makes me feel something on a visceral level. Listeners are hungry for the real stuff. Their bullshit detectors are sensitive, and they’re tired of posturing and pretense. Because your music is genuine, it makes me feel like I’m getting to know the real you when I listen to your songs.” – Michael James, producer and mix engineer (Jane’s Addiction, Hole, Chicago, Jawbreaker, New Radicals)
  • “Many layers to discover, excellent production, great vocals, musical performances and serious lyrics.” – Jim Berkenstadt, author of The Beatle Who Vanished and Classic Rock Albums: Nirvana – Nevermind.
  • “When this song blows up, you can say you heard it here first.” – Ray Powers, New Visions Radio. Ill-Advised named featured new artist of 2016 with the track “Summer Nights”
  • “Harry Metzler has made a deeply personal record that is honest and makes the listener feel something genuine, rather than the incessant party music that blares while the world seems to be burning down around us.” – Alisa Harmon, William Paterson University 
  • “Ill-Advised is the name and Parkway Divides is the game, a 12-track album that showcases the musical prowess of creator and performer Harry Metzler. Parkway Divides is as heartfelt as it is eccentric, blending together some of alternative rock’s greatest sounds from all different sub-genres into a wonderful musical bouquet.” (7.9/10) – 24ourmusic.net
  • “Parkway Divides released November 2015 by Dark Scorpion Records is a 12 track exciting new album. Hard to pinpoint the exact genre, touches of Alternative Rock, Punk, Industrial, but why label when the music takes us on a unique journey on each listen.” (4.5/5 stars) – TheMusic.reviews 
  • “We love this DIY ethic, which really comes across in Ill-Advised’s music. This album is truly a glimpse into his soul and we especially love lead single ‘Summer Nights’.” – Music Blogged
  • ‘Summer Nights’ and Harry are featured on the Carrera website as part of Jared Leto’s (Thirty Seconds to Mars) Mavericks project. 
  • Parkway Divides is one of the featured albums on New Music Saturday, syndicated across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, with a new track  played each week.
  • Exclusive Interview and Music Video Premiere with AXS
  • Ill-Advised is one of The Music Box’s Featured Artists for October 2016 
  • “Throughout the album a true sense of journey is clearly at play. You could easily lose an hour or two in a dark room with your headphones on. All self-produced in his home made studio made with plywood in his basement, Harry Metzler is Ill-Advised and he has produced a sublime record named Parkway Divides.” – The UK’s Stencil Magazine
  • Interview with Music on the March
  • Live radio interviews on the New Music Saturday radio show, syndicated in the U.K. and Canada, of which Ill-Advised is a weekly staple. 4.29 & 6.3
  • Interview with U.K. music journalist and radio presenter, Forgotten Bee.
  • Review on 24OurMusic: ILL-ADVISED LETHAL IN NEW ALBUM RELEASE “New Jersey’s Ill-Advised is an unapologetic, brash, and critical rocker, whose abrasive yet down-to-earth swagger shines triumphantly in both his persona and his work. Masochists, his recent album, is something of a mark of both maturity and anger for the rocker, his music successfully coming through and showing off his dark and introspective art. The 16 track concept record is ambitious as it is skillful, with the project’s brainchild Harry Metzler stylishly lamenting about the current state of the Western world. With a musical flair that borders on the edge of alternative, industrial, and metal inspiration, Ill-Advised rolls feverishly and mercilessly in Masochists.”