Lisieux I: Renaissance Out Now

I’m thrilled to finally share my new album LISIEUX I: RENAISSANCE – END OF THE BEGINNING with all of you. You can listen to it here ➡️

The idea to release Lisieux in three separate eight-song parts seemed like the logical antidote to the chaotic atmosphere of the music industry and the Internet. I had always envisioned my third record to be a double album. It is part of a long tradition in rock of exploring musical and conceptual ideas in greater depth.

The reality of the amount of time it would take to complete a twenty-four track double album was untenable for obvious reasons in 2019. But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. In the end, the trilogy format offered a new dimension to this thematic work, which I look forward to continuing to explore for Lisieux II & III.

I prefer to let music speak for itself, but given that I don’t have an army of publicists, I would like to explain some of the backstory to Lisieux I now that you know the methodology of its release.

I’ve known that my family has been related to St. Thérèse of Lisieux since I was a kid and began to develop an interest in Thérèse and her life the past few years. She died very young at twenty-four years old after a long battle with tuberculosis and became known for her posthumous autobiography, The Story of a Soul, which focuses on her memories as a child and her life in the convent through to her final years.

The idea of Lisieux as both a setting and a symbol made it particularly alluring after the constrictive cataclysm of MASOCHISTS. I decided to focus on ideas of rebirth, life, death, reincarnation – spirituality abstract through an emotional lens. The album is sequenced using songs as vignettes to convey a series of memories from a past life (or lives), that come bleeding through a dream-like state.

There’s much left unsaid and much to be discovered. Looking forward to continuing this story with you all.