I wanted to share an update as to the progress of Lisieux I (it’s going well and I am in the mixing phase), but also announce a slight change.

Lisieux I will not be released to streaming services and digital music stores on November 30th. HOWEVER, the album will still be released on that date in the form of a digital download and CD to those who have pre-ordered through the official Ill-Advised store.

If you pre-ordered you can stop reading here – NOTHING HAS CHANGED! You will still receive a digital download of Lisieux I immediately on November 30th as promised.

To those of who you primarily use streaming services or get your music through iTunes, Google Play, etc. I feel I owe an explanation.

I am not a fan of “windowing” a release (withholding music from streaming services until a later date) and that is not my intention.

However, the reality is that it has become increasingly difficult for someone like me who still makes albums to continue making them when it can take upwards of a year to complete one, and then it is fully digested within 2 weeks.

But I am an album artist and as much as I would sometimes like to change that, I can’t. The process holds too much value for me to abandon.

Which is why when I decided to record a double album consisting of 24 tracks, I opted to release it as three LP’s – a trilogy – as it would take too long and be too overwhelming for today’s social media world with ever-dwindling attention spans and music companies that reinforce it.

A big part of how people experience music is through playlists, and Spotify (as well as many other services) recently announced they will only consider one song per release for placement. In other words, there is very little opportunity for albums to be heard beyond more than one song.

This is ultimately why I have decided not to release the complete album on streaming services immediately on November 30th, but rather through a series of singles, and then the rest of the LP this winter at a future date.

I hope you guys understand that this is not an attempt to force more pre-orders, but me trying to do what it is best for this record.

I look forward to sharing Lisieux I with all of you very soon.


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1. The Creator
2. Without Me
3. Crawl
4. Safe And Sound
5. Summer Nights
6. Misery


7. The Great Divide
8. Poison/The Cure
9. Ghosts Of My Memory
10. Cyanide Caress
11. Shame
12. The Last Goodbye